What I Eat In A Day – Bali Edition

I just came back from Bali woo! I had the best time and I already wish I could go back hehe. So the first few days I basically lived off the oats and protein powder I brought from home and some steamed rice and veg – but when I got to Ubud there were a lot more health / plant based options! Today I will be showing you what I ate on a random day in Bali:


6:00AM Breakfast
For breakfast I had the oats and protein powder I brought from home – I also asked for a banana at the hotel and got 3 super cute mini bananas hehe.

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9:00AM Snack
As a pre swimming snack I had a NAKD bar: a raw date & nut bar. Their protein packed crunch ones are my favorite!


13:00PM Lunch
We had lunch at a place called Jungle Fish – it’s an infinity pool in the jungle basically with a restaurant! I had a papaya smoothie and some quinoa with grilled veggies and some edamame on the side – this wasn’t on the menu but I just put together my own meal using ingredients I saw in other meals on the menu.



17:30PM Dinner
For dinner I went to my FAVORITE place ever here – along with Cafe Organic – Shelter Cafe! Shelter cafe and Nalu Bowls are basically one and I love both so much.. they’re amazing. Anyways, I had a buddha bowl of quinoa, chickpeas, greens, tomatoes, eggplant, hummus and tempeh – SO good!


So, this is what I ate in Bali! I traveled with my mom who isn’t vegan or into health so sometimes it can be a lil tough for us both to decide where we eat, but I’m so grateful she goes to all these places with me. It isn’t hard to eat plant based here, but you do have to be prepared and know where all the good places are. For dinner for example, the other day we went to a place she likes first and then later we went to a health cafe after so I could eat.


To see everything I got up to in Bali, follow me on Instagram since I still have a lot of pics to post! I post everything I do + eat on there ♥️



My Favorite Buddha Bowl

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a new blog post, I’m sorry. But today I’m back with a recipe – my favorite Buddha Bowl!


Buddha Bowls are my favorite to have for lunch and / or dinner – they just never get boring to me and they’re super nutritious.

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So a Buddha Bowl is a bowl of plant based green, grain and protein. For this one, I used brown rice (grain), spinach, cucumber and asparagus (green), chickpeas and edamame (protein) and avocado for the needed healthy fats.

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About Carbs

So.. let’s talk about carbs! Many people who either want to lose weight or eat / live healthier try to avoid them. But.. why? Why is it like the word “carb” is immediately associated with “bad foods”?


Every food has carbs, protein and fat. All 3 are very important, however, carbs are our body’s main source of energy for the muscles. Cutting them out of your diet definitely isn’t good for you long term. Sure, you’ll lose weight if you cut carbs but that’s because your body is on survival / starvation mode – that’s not what you want!



There are 2 types of carbohydrates: simple and complex.
Sources of complex carbohydrates are for example: oats, brown rice and quinoa. The body breaks these down slowly = steady energy.
Simple carbohydrates are for example: sugar, junk food, white bread.. These don’t have to be broken down further, so the body can use them for quick boosts of energy.


So yes, when people talk about carbs and they mean stuff like highly processed foods.. they’re not good for you, especially if you want to lose weight. But carbs as in oatmeal, rice, etc, no way! There are extremely good for you – you NEED them. your body needs them.


So please, don’t be afraid of carbs or use the word carbs to refer to bad or highly processed foods. Carbs are important. And so are protein and fats. Cutting out any of these isn’t healthy or good for you long term.. Balance babes 🤗





How To Get Your Protein As A Vegan

“But.. where do you get your protein?!” This is a question that I, surprisingly, get asked a lot! Meat definitely isn’t the only / best way to get your protein, there are lots of different and good plant protein sources

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Beans and Legumes (cooked, 50 grams)

Beans and legumes are high in protein so they’re perfect protein sources for vegans or anyone basically! I personally don’t digest legumes well so I don’t eat them often (except chickpeas) but hey.. I still get enough protein since beans aren’t the only vegan protein source 😉 but if you have no problem digesting them, I’d definitely recommend adding them to your diet! Also for lentils and kidney beans I recommend eating 100 grams instead of 50 since they are less calorie dense than the other legumes.
Chickpeas = 9g
Black beans = 11g
Lentils = 9g (100 grams)
Kidney beans = 9g (100 grams)

Whole grains
Whole grains aren’t only high in (good!) carbs – they have protein too. Examples of good sources are:
Brown rice: 5g (200 grams)
Buckwheat: 7g (50 grams)
Oatmeal: 8g (50 grams)
Nuts & Seeds (30 grams)
Yes, nuts and seeds are pretty high in calories but they’re a great addition to a plant based diet, since most plant foods are low in calories. Also calories shouldn’t be your main focus – quality over quantity. They’re great sources of both protein & fats:
Almonds: 6g
Cashews 5.5g
Walnuts: 4.5g


So.. that’s it! Other good sources of vegan protein are tofu (8g – 100 grams), tempeh (19g-100grams) and quinoa (5g-100 grams).

If you work out and are focused on building muscle / leaning out you can also use plant based protein powder, which is what I do. It’s not neccesary but definitely helps you in the gym, whether you’re vegan or not. I get around 80 grams of protein a day. It isn’t hard to get your protein on a vegan diet, but it definitely requires some knowledge, including finding out how much protein you personally need 🤗

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So I hope this post helped you guys a bit, let me know if you have any more questions on this topic!




How To Eat Plant Based While Traveling

So.. I’m off to Bali next month! Woo! I’m so excited, I’ve heard and seen so many great stories and photos about Bali and I can’t wait to finally experience it myself.

I personally don’t find eating plant based on holiday difficult at all. I’m pretty much happy with everything as long as it’s simple plant based foods. Now, Bali is literally vegan heaven – I definitely won’t be having any difficulties eating plant based there! But I’ve been to Las Vegas, Florida, Italy, and Egypt too and most of these places aren’t really vegan friendly, but I still ate whole food plant based when I was there without any problems basically. So today, I’ll share some tips for you guys!


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1. Look up restaurants
Before you leave, look at what kind of restaurants there are at the place you’re staying at. Make sure you’re prepared and know what kind of restaurants they have or if there’s a supermarket near you. This way, you still have plenty of time to figure out where to eat and what to eat. Also HappyCow is a great app to check vegetarian/vegan restaurants!

2. Bring some of your staples
On every trip I went on, I always brought some oatmeal, bananas, more fruits and raw date/nut bars. Especially for the plane ride: Las Vegas and Florida were both about 12 hour plane rides and both 24 hour travels in total, so you definitely have to bring enough food. For breakfast, what I’ve done every time is eat fruit from the buffet of the hotel we’re staying at and then make my own oatmeal with it.


2. Go to the local supermarket.
Find out were the local supermarket is and do some groceries. Now, I know sometimes you won’t have a fridge in your hotel room – so you can’t stock up on certain foods. But you can get things like bananas and some other fruits that don’t go in the fridge, or vegetable snacks like tomatoes, carrots, cucumber etc.


4. Don’t have high expentations.
You’re probably not going to eat an amazing 3 course vegan meal at every place you go to everyday. To me, that’s fine. When I was in Las Vegas, most of the time for dinner I ate lettuce with some tomatoes, cucumbers and a baked potato or some plain rice. I did go to Whole Foods for lunch a couple of times and had either an acai bowl or just a veggie bowl, that I basically loaded with protein cause I knew I probably wouldn’t have much protein at dinner time hehe. If they had beans I’d ask for beans, but most didn’t have beans that weren’t prepared in butter but hey it’s fine. I also ate at plenty of steakhouses (I went with my mom who isn’t vegan) and as long as you’re content with just simple plant based foods you’ll be fine.

So.. that’s it! I hope you’ve found this helpful. If you’re going on holiday soon, enjoy! Eating plant based abroad really isn’t as hard as it seems.. as long as you know you want to do this 100% and are okay with eating simple foods you’ll be fine. I really can’t wait to go to Bali, I’m so looking forward to all the smoothie bowls and cute vegan / health places there!