What I Eat In A Day – Bali Edition

I just came back from Bali woo! I had the best time and I already wish I could go back hehe. So the first few days I basically lived off the oats and protein powder I brought from home and some steamed rice and veg – but when I got to Ubud there were a lot more health / plant based options! Today I will be showing you what I ate on a random day in Bali:


6:00AM Breakfast
For breakfast I had the oats and protein powder I brought from home – I also asked for a banana at the hotel and got 3 super cute mini bananas hehe.

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset



9:00AM Snack
As a pre swimming snack I had a NAKD bar: a raw date & nut bar. Their protein packed crunch ones are my favorite!


13:00PM Lunch
We had lunch at a place called Jungle Fish – it’s an infinity pool in the jungle basically with a restaurant! I had a papaya smoothie and some quinoa with grilled veggies and some edamame on the side – this wasn’t on the menu but I just put together my own meal using ingredients I saw in other meals on the menu.



17:30PM Dinner
For dinner I went to my FAVORITE place ever here – along with Cafe Organic – Shelter Cafe! Shelter cafe and Nalu Bowls are basically one and I love both so much.. they’re amazing. Anyways, I had a buddha bowl of quinoa, chickpeas, greens, tomatoes, eggplant, hummus and tempeh – SO good!


So, this is what I ate in Bali! I traveled with my mom who isn’t vegan or into health so sometimes it can be a lil tough for us both to decide where we eat, but I’m so grateful she goes to all these places with me. It isn’t hard to eat plant based here, but you do have to be prepared and know where all the good places are. For dinner for example, the other day we went to a place she likes first and then later we went to a health cafe after so I could eat.


To see everything I got up to in Bali, follow me on Instagram since I still have a lot of pics to post! I post everything I do + eat on there ♥️



2 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day – Bali Edition

    • veganlylisa

      ahh tempeh is amazing, def try it! i never eat it at home though since they don’t sell it at the local supermarket here so when i saw all the tempeh in bali i was like…. yasss hehe 😍😍 much love babe


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