How To Get Your Protein As A Vegan

“But.. where do you get your protein?!” This is a question that I, surprisingly, get asked a lot! Meat definitely isn’t the only / best way to get your protein, there are lots of different and good plant protein sources

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Beans and Legumes (cooked, 50 grams)

Beans and legumes are high in protein so they’re perfect protein sources for vegans or anyone basically! I personally don’t digest legumes well so I don’t eat them often (except chickpeas) but hey.. I still get enough protein since beans aren’t the only vegan protein source 😉 but if you have no problem digesting them, I’d definitely recommend adding them to your diet! Also for lentils and kidney beans I recommend eating 100 grams instead of 50 since they are less calorie dense than the other legumes.
Chickpeas = 9g
Black beans = 11g
Lentils = 9g (100 grams)
Kidney beans = 9g (100 grams)

Whole grains
Whole grains aren’t only high in (good!) carbs – they have protein too. Examples of good sources are:
Brown rice: 5g (200 grams)
Buckwheat: 7g (50 grams)
Oatmeal: 8g (50 grams)
Nuts & Seeds (30 grams)
Yes, nuts and seeds are pretty high in calories but they’re a great addition to a plant based diet, since most plant foods are low in calories. Also calories shouldn’t be your main focus – quality over quantity. They’re great sources of both protein & fats:
Almonds: 6g
Cashews 5.5g
Walnuts: 4.5g


So.. that’s it! Other good sources of vegan protein are tofu (8g – 100 grams), tempeh (19g-100grams) and quinoa (5g-100 grams).

If you work out and are focused on building muscle / leaning out you can also use plant based protein powder, which is what I do. It’s not neccesary but definitely helps you in the gym, whether you’re vegan or not. I get around 80 grams of protein a day. It isn’t hard to get your protein on a vegan diet, but it definitely requires some knowledge, including finding out how much protein you personally need 🤗

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So I hope this post helped you guys a bit, let me know if you have any more questions on this topic!




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