What I Eat In A Day

So finally, here it is – a blog post about what I eat in a day! Everything I eat daily is on my Instagram page / story though, but I’ve never posted a full day of eating before so here we go 🤗


6:00AM Breakfast Time

The first thing I always do when I wake up is drink 2 glasses of water while topping my overnight oats or making my smoothie bowl. I always wake up suuper thirsty and hungry so I basically run to the kitchen once I wake up hehe. You can find my recipe for my overnight oats here.

9:00AM Snack Time

For snacks I usually have a NAKD bar (raw date + nut bar) or some fruit. I either go to the gym after breakfast or after my snack – after the gym I make a protein shake with spinach, cucumber, a fruit and protein powder.


12:00AM Lunch Time

For lunch I have a salad / buddha bowl. And no, a 50 calorie salad with just some lettuce and tomatoes isn’t a meal. You can find all the bowls I make on my Instagram page, but I always make sure I have some type of either whole grain / protein source, veggies and fats in my bowls. For example: quinoa noodles, edamame, chickpeas, spinach, cucumber and tahini.

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14:00 Snack Time

Then for a snack, I have oats again! I just love oats so much, they’re my favorite whole grain. I either have some overnight oats or just cooked oats (around 50g) in water with some almond butter. I also snack on some raw veggies and eat some fruit either before my oats or after my oats digested / before dinner time because eating fruit right after cooked foods causes digestive problems and since I have very sensitive bowels – I have IBS – I avoid doing this.

17:00 Dinner Time

And it’s dinner time! I post my dinners on Instagram stories almost everyday and it’s always some type of cooked + raw veggies with a whole grain / protein source and a plant based fat source. I love buddha bowls because you can mix it up everytime and it’s never the same! Example: rice, cauliflower, kale, tahini, cucumber.

19:00 Snack Time
In the evening I just munch on some raw veggies like cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, cucumber, etc. If I’m still feeling a little hungry I’ll have a bowl of oats again or some plain brown rice, but it depends on what I ate that day.
So.. that’s it! Of course the type of veggies, fruits and / or whole grain / protein sources are different everyday but the base is the same. If you’re curious, I eat around 1900-2100 calories a day and my macros are around 65C /20P/15F 🤗 but honestly if you don’t feel like tracking your intake there’s no need to do it. I just do it loosely some days to make sure I actually get in enough or to watch my protein intake.
So I hope this answered your questions! If you have any more feel free to ask me 🙂


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