Since I get a lot of questions about my “diet” and which (vegan) diet is the best and what I eat.. I thought I’d just write you a post about it.

So I’ve been vegan for almost 2 years now. I’ve followed strict high carb 90/5/5 macros for a little over a year and even though that was great in the beginning – after my weight loss when I just wanted to maintain my weight / get more toned – I started experimenting with my diet a little since I started doing more weight training and I felt like 5% protein and 5% fats just weren’t cutting it for me anymore.


I started experimenting with my protein and fat intake and added a little more whole grains (oats, rice, buckwheat and sometimes fresh spelt bread) into my diet. I added in some plant-based fats like nuts, seeds and avocado.. and my body, skin and energy levels are loving it.

Even though 90/5/5 or Raw Till 4 diets work great in the beginning: for most people it’s not what their body needs long term. If you’ve been doing it for years and years and it still makes you feel good then that’s great! The thing is just that you should listen to YOUR body and what YOU need – and not just following a certain diet because others do it. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to (vegan) diets. Honestly if you’re just leaving the cruelty off your plate, you’re already winning. 🤗

So now I’d say my macros are around 65% carbs (high carb for life 🤘🏼), 15-20% protein and 10-15% fats but I try not to count them very strictly anymore. I just try to listen to my body and eat what makes me feel good. Even though I upped my protein and fat intake just a little bit, I feel like it makes a big difference in my skin (thank you healthy fats!), energy levels and muscle recovery at the gym.

As advice I know I always say the same but just try to find out what works for you. Don’t copy someone else’s diet on the internet just because it works for them.. everybody is different. If you just stick to plant foods you’ll be okay. And most importantly: listen to your body. Be nice to the animals. Do what makes you happy 🤗

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