My Transformation

So.. it’s transformation tuesday! I haven’t always been this passionate about living the lifestyle I do now. My lifestyle used to be quite the opposite of what it is now actually.

The left photo is from 2014 (I wasn’t vegan back then). This was when I decided I wanted to stop the on and off dieting and just change my lifestyle. I wanted to finally lose the extra weight I was carrying for good and be truly healthy so I started my health and fitness journey.

So I started working out consistently and changed my diet. And then after a while I lost 8 kgs / 18 lbs. Then when I went vegan in 2015, for both the animals and my health, I lost another 5 kgs / 12 lbs. I’ve lost 13 kgs / 30 lbs of fat in total, but along the way I realised something.
It’s not the “new” body or the weight loss that makes you happier. It’s the mindset and lifestyle that do. I also don’t weigh myself anymore now, since the scale says nothing about how healthy you are or how good you feel.



So I went from always dieting, restricting calories and never working out to eating an abundance of plant-based wholefoods and knowing exactly what and how much my body needs + working out consistently. I truly feel so much better, happier, healthier and I just have a completely different mindset. It’s a long process. A journey. But it’s worth it. Skip the restrictive diet part and adopt a healthy (plant-based!) lifestyle šŸ’—




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