Why Vegan / Plant-Based?

So first, I’ll explain what exactly veganism is. Someone who is vegan does not eat or use any animal products. So no meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese and other diary products. Vegans also avoid using animal products like wool, leather, fur, or basically anything that contributes to animal suffering.

Why I live a plant-based vegan lifestyle:
1 – for the animals. I don’t want to participate in the cruelty of the meat and diary industry. We also don’t need animal products to be healthy, so “If we could live happy & healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?” 💗
2 – for my health. A plant-based diet is a diet based on foods that come from plants such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. It excludes any type of meat (including chicken and fish), dairy products, and eggs for the reasons mentioned above, as well as highly processed foods like bleached flour and refined sugar. Meat and diary products contain a large amount of saturated fats and by cutting these out of your diet completely, you can lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity, etc. There are so many benefits of plant-based eating, like better digestion, increased energy, weight loss / maintaining a healthy weight and just a lighter and happier feeling – for me – overall.


If you’re thinking about making the switch or are just interested in plant-based living, I highly recommend watching these documentaries! It’s so important to educate yourself first and do your research before making this huge (amazing!) lifestyle change. The documentaries I recommend are:

– Cowspiracy
– Forks Over Knives
– Food Matters
– Food Choices (my fave!)
– Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
In my opinion, this lifestyle is the best thing you could possibly ever do for yourself, your body.. and for the animals. Knowing that I only put pure plant-based foods into my body just makes me feel my best, happiest & healthiest.. It’s truly a win win for everyone 🐮🙏🏼



8 thoughts on “Why Vegan / Plant-Based?

  1. Nicky

    This is definitely going to be my favorite blog 🙂 i hope i’ll be able to make the switch someday… proud of you lies!


  2. Nikita

    I love this so much !! you have done so well ❤ your so inspiring and have encouraged me to write a blog as well 🙂 Keep up all the amazing posts and positive vibes ❤ thank you!! much love girl
    Nikita ❤ insta:(nikitamaguire)


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